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How to Create a YouTube Subscription Link (Pop-Up)

This is a tiny post, just a little YouTube hint I came across.

If you want to send people to your YouTube channel, by email or on other Social Media platforms, use a link like:

Replace USERNAME (hope that’s obvious!)

This creates an automatic popup that makes visitors subscribe before they can watch the content on your channel. Possibly some won’t subscribe and you’ll lose them, but basically you only want the ones that WILL subscribe, right?

How To Use YouTube To Increase Views and Subscribers For Your Online Business

YouTube Featured Content - not just for funny goats
YouTube – not just funny goats

In this article we will discuss how to use featured content to increase your YouTube subscribers and views. We will explore what YouTube featured content is, and how it helps increase your subscribers and video views.

What is YouTube “Featured Content”?

Featured content in YouTube can be a video or a playlist. The purpose is to promote a new video to all of your audience.

Featured content:

  • Increases video views and attract more subscribers
  • Enables you to embed any video or playlist in any video in any of your YouTube channels
  • Ensures your audience sees your featured content first, and keeps them tuned to your channel

Benefits of Using Featured Content

Featuring a video on YouTube is like having free advertising for your other videos on your channel. You can choose to make any one of your videos or playlists appear as a banner on all your videos at any time you wish. You just need to customize which video and you set the time that you want it to appear and disappear.

By featuring a video across all your YouTube videos, you are also keeping your audience tuned in to your channel for a longer period of time.

Tuning in your audience hopefully translates into engagement, which then increases the likelihood of top of mind recall when they think of the category that your brand is in.

For example, if you are a chocolate brand and you do a video animation about chocolate or something related, whenever your audience thinks of buying a bar of chocolate, there is a likely increased potential that they would pick your brand off shelf. Of course this is not the sole driving purchase decision of consumers but it assists in increasing the potential of sales.

The Featured Videos is where YouTube will take note of how many likes, comments, or views your video is getting, and it will rank you accordingly in their search engine results. So this means that featured content can be used to increase your search engine ranking.

How To Enable Featured Content

YouTube "Featured Content" let you cut through the noise
“Featured Content” let you cut through the noise

Go to your YouTube account dashboard, click on the “Person” icon on the top right corner, then click on the Creator Studio button.

On the left column, click on the “Channel” tab. From the dropdown menu, click on “Featured Content”.

Select Featured Content. A dialogue box will appear. Select the content that you’d like to feature from the available options. There are two:

“Most Recent Upload” is where you choose to automatically feature the most recently uploaded video in your channel. This means that YouTube will automatically feature the video that is most recently uploaded in your channel in the current video you want to feature in.

“Specific Video or Playlist” is where you can select any video or playlist you want to feature from your channel, or you can enter other people’s YouTube video or playlist URL. Select an existing video from your channel that you want to feature. Then click on the “Save” button on the bottom right.

There are three things you would need to customize.

First is display time. You can choose and specify when exactly you want the featured content to appear within the current video timeframe.

If you decide to “Optimize Timing” (tick the box), YouTube will try to choose the best time to show your promotion, based on past viewer behavior in each video.

“Custom Message” is where you can insert a message and it will appear alongside the featured content.

Utilize the customization options to promote and drive your marketing campaign. For example, you could use a Custom Message to put in a link to your online store or a website and have visitors go through the sales funnel or even put in a marketing message that promotes 50% off a certain item. The possibilities are many.

The Featured Content you have selected will display consistently across devices in the bottom left corner and appear in the “What to Watch Next” module for subscribed viewers. It will also include a label with the video or playlist information that appears when you hover over the icon.

Get creative with your YouTube Featured Content!

Start Your Profitable YouTube Channel Today

Start your business YouTube channel today

Anyone can start a profitable YouTube channel. including you.

Everyone knows YouTube. Almost 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day. That’s 5 BILLION … every DAY. Time you got a part of that.

Google especially LOVES YouTube. So much that they bought it, but Google also ranks YouTube videos preferentially, which is good news when you are trying to attract eyes to your online business message.

This article will talk about how to create your new YouTube and then start to open your new

Creating Your Account

Now, to have a YouTube account, you need to have a Google account. Lots of people do, and maybe you do already. If you have a personal Google/Gmail account you can work from this one, or start a new account. Either way is easy.

Once you have logged into to your Google/Gmail account, go to YouTube. We will suppose that you don’t already have a YouTube channel. In which case you will be able to see under “Subscriptions” – “Add Channel”.

If you DO already have a channel, then you will see “My Channel”.

You can then add a “Brand Account”. Choose something appropriate for your online business. This is the name viewers will see if they watch your videos or see a recommendation for your videos.

You also have the opportunity to add “Channel icon” (or logo) and “Channel art”. You can pick up some nice free images from or take or use your own photos, logos or images for branding. Take some time with these to brand yourself nicely.

You can also add a “Channel Description”.

There are various options available under “Creator Studio”found under your channel/Google account icon. Included in these options are monetization of your uploaded videos.

Monetization of videos will mean that YouTube will show advertisements at the same time as they show your videos. This is an income stream over and above the sales you might make from recommending products and services in your own videos.

Adding Content to Your Channel

Adding content

Now content that you add to your YouTube channel will be videos. However, they don’t have to be videos of your head! You can record presentations from some other application like PowerPoint, screen shots, talk-overs of other material as well as your own videos that you record.

You can record the screen of your computer using various screen recording applications. Camtasia is very popular, although personally I use  Screencastify as I use a Chrome operating system.

You can record a video with just about anything that will record video and sound. Most smartphones will do just fine, although you might want a stand of some kind. Professional podcasters will have a dedicated camera and microphone, or a camcorder like the one above.

With a smartphone the process is very easy. Once you record a video, if you are also logged into your Google account, you will likely have apps or other options to upload your new video to your YouTube channel directly.

Generating High-Quality Content

You can record all kinds of videos to go in your new YouTube Channel, depending on your business model.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you can review new products. Include some pluses and minuses, as well as how your watcher will profit (if you think they will) once they purchase. Include your affiliate link in the video description so people can buy through your link.

If you have your own products and services, then you can explain the features and benefits of what you are offering. People will appreciate that you tell them in your own words.

Write out an outline prior to beginning your recording so your are not hesitant or lose your way while recording. Rehearse a few times. Approach the process professionally. There’s money at stake!

YouTube Keywords

Since Google owns YouTube they rank these videos preferentially. However, it is still worth your trouble to try to help the videos rank for whatever the search terms you think or hope your prospective buyers will be searching for.

Keyword Research

You can include in your videos:

  • Video Title
  • Video Description
  • Video Keyword Tags
  • Location Tagging (if appropriate for your business)

These are important for having your videos rank.

Google has a free Google Adwords Display Planner Tool to help you find useful keyword search tools. Note that you will have to open a Google Adwords account to have access to this tool, but you do NOT need to fund the account or spend any money to get access.

Include high-ranking search terms in the video elements referred to above for the likelihood of seeing your videos high up in Google search rankings. The Display Planner will let you download a list of keyword/tags that you can include in your video settings.

Finding YouTube keywords

If you are going to put up YouTube videos to attract prospects and videos, do some keyword research first.

Only problem is … YouTube’s own keyword research tool has “gone to the farm”. Replaced by Google’s Adwords Display Planner.

This is actually a good thing. YouTube’s keyword interface was clunky and didn’t return particularly good data. Display Planner has more data than you would expect, some of it really useful.

Check it our below ….

Viral Videos

Perhaps the easiest type of content to get to go viral is video. People just tend to react better to videos, because not everyone has the capacity to fully understand and comprehend the written word in the same way they understand video.

Videos are also very easy to share. One quick link is all someone needs to send someone to your video, and it’s easier to convince someone to watch a video than it is to convince them to download written material and read it.

Of course, creating viral videos can be tricky. Remember, you can’t guarantee something with go viral to the extent you would like it to. However, most videos have the potential to bring in traffic, even if they don’t go viral in a big way.

When creating a video, try to remember these tips:

Don’t automatically use humor. Not all markets will respond well to humor, and it could hurt more than it helps. Try to anticipate what your target customer would be interested in.

Hire actors to appear in your videos that your target market would identify with. If your target market is a male age 18-35, don’t hire older women. If your target market is older women, don’t hire a teenage boy.

Make sure you don’t offend your target market. Many viral campaigns fail because they don’t properly anticipate a negative reaction from their audience. This is especially true in humorous pieces, which can backfire easily.

Be certain to edit the audio and video carefully. Any distracting camera problems, color issues, or audio anomalies can detract from your message.

Make sure you deliver your marketing message! So many people concentrate on creating a video that will go viral that they actually forget to add their marketing to the video! Don’t forget this crucial element.

Concentrate on providing a quality video that people will enjoy, and the viral element should take care of itself.


Enhancing Your Video Response Rate

Videos are used to propel viewers into taking action. You want to invoke a positive response from your viewers, but you also want them to take action immediately after watching your broadcast.

One way of doing this is by including a direct link to your website or squeeze page at the end of the video, highlighting the benefits of visiting your website. Keep in mind that you still need to use a direct call to action, even in videos, so don’t forget to spend time crafting the most action-driven call to action possible.

If you want your video to go viral, make sure that you add a “Tell a Friend” link to the video, and that you work in ‘entertainment value’. Your video needs to really stand out in the video community and motivate viewers to send it to their friends, and share it with everyone they know.

You can do this easily by creating a video that adds comic influence, entertains the viewer, shocks the viewer or offers a unique perspective that differs from the majority of other videos in the same market.

Controversy is one of the easiest ways to drive eyeballs to your videos, but make sure that your video works directly towards building a positive brand stature. You don’t want to create videos that leave viewers entertained but finding it difficult to trust you.

Professional but Entertaining – that’s what it’s all about.

Before you distribute your videos, you want to make sure that the quality and size is optimized and that is viewable on all operating systems.

You also want to optimize the actual video features, including keywords and tags so that when your video is distributed, it’s able to grab ranking in the search engines based on your primary phrases and keywords.

Keywords also help viewers find your video, both through on-site searches and directly through the search engines, so conduct quick keyword research to determine what the most important keywords for your niche are, and include them in the tags associated with your video.

For example, when uploading a video to, you are able to assign different keywords to your video, which highlight what your video is about, and help YouTube to properly organize your video in their database.

You can take this a step further by optimizing your video’s title tags, to also include relevant keywords, while varying the keywords you use for each video.

It’s important that you are able to rank for multiple keyword phrases, so never assign the exact same keywords to all of your videos, but instead, vary it up!

You can often enhance your videos search engine optimization by using anchor text when linking to your video page, as well as within the description.

Again, anchor text should include relevant keywords that vary from the keywords used in the actual title or tags.

Creating High Quality Videos

Imagine if you were able to personally welcome people to your website, to guide them through your information and direct them to your order button. Imagine what that would do for your conversion rates.

Well, with videos – that’s exactly what you can do.

You can use videos a number of different ways, including in sales pitches, in tutorials, within your launch sequence to warm up customers and to simply develop brand awareness. The more often people see you or hear you, the faster they’ll recognize your brand on the spot.

The trouble is, many new entrepreneurs struggle with the technical aspects of creating high quality videos. They aren’t sure what programs to use, how to edit videos, how to enhance the quality, or even how to create scripts or motions that guide viewers from one frame to another, retaining their attention every step of the way.

The great news is that even if you have absolutely no experience creating videos, there are tools and resources you can use to develop high quality, interactive videos in a matter of a few short hours.

For starters, the majority of new computers come bundled with video production software already, but if you really want to ramp up the quality of your videos however, you’ll want to consider purchasing an industry grade program, such as Camtasia or CamStudio.

These programs will help to add functionality to your videos, while making it easy for you to integrate sound (audio narratives, music, etc), as well as highlight important notes, and of course, they provide you with added flexibility with editing video content.


If you’re a Mac user, check out any of the following video creation tools:

Now, here’s what I’m going to show you how to not only simplify the process of creating videos but how to AUTOMATE distribution!

There’s a secret weapon online that will give you the opportunity to

develop dozens of high quality videos in a matter of seconds, and best of all, you can use this video production suite to repurpose content, so that your videos are created from existing articles you’ve already written!

The resource is found at and with this powerful software, you can take existing content and create live, talking videos that interact with your audience unlike anything else!

This software makes it not only easier to get MORE videos out there, but it requires absolutely no training or experience, instantly eliminating the learning curve.

I’ve used this resource for over a year now and have been able to generate unlimited traffic just by letting the program create interactive videos and best of all, they’ll distribute your videos all over the Internet for you!

Keep in mind that your videos don’t have to be lengthy productions.

Even 3 minute videos can do wonders at generating fresh interest and exposure for your product, so start off by developing simple video presentations and as you become more familiar with how your viewers respond to your videos, you can begin to tailor them towards better communicating with your target audience.

Article Video Robot will help you get started, and then you can spend time learning how to create powerful video presentations yourself, as you can continue to grow your business.

If you simply aren’t ready to develop your own videos, consider outsourcing the project to a qualified video developer.

There are plenty of places to seek out some help, including marketing forums such as and , or you can place a listing requesting help via the freelance marketplaces, including and

For Every 50 Views, I Get One Sign-Up …

“…for every 50 views, I get 1 sign-up. And for every 10 signups on average, I make a sale.”

That’s a pretty cute set of numbers. And all from YouTube, all free, all passive – straight to an affiliate niche site. And a LOT of people search on YouTube.

Screenshot 2015-07-04 at 8.09.52 PM

There are 33,000,000 make-up tutorials on YouTube. 33 MILLION!! Why? People watch ’em. And someone’s making money from them.

Why not you? Add into your niche consideration, how many YouTube results. Sure, you might be driving traffic with Facebook ads, or Bing, or Adwords, or SEO. However, consider YouTube as well.

Where are you going to send your new YouTube traffic?

  • Squeeze page for sign-ups
  • Viral content
  • High-Converting Content
  • Facebook Fan Page for Likes and Engagement
  • Affiliate sales page

Just remember to stick a little AIDA in there, and a good ol’ Call To Action.

Initially you might want to promote your videos to get a little love happening:

  • Paid search or placement
  • Social Media – Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest
  • Forums (so not a thing of the past)

The full article is here, courtesy of our good friends at Affilorama.

Get More Traffic From YouTube: 5 Steps for Adding Links to Your Videos

This is a very interesting how-to.

Lots of folks don’t know how to do this.

Link annotations (as YouTube calls them) increase traffic, and could be a whole sole traffic source to drive visitors to a website, affiliate link, squeeze page. You can find “Monetization” under “Channel” in your YouTube channel. You can verify your website for YouTube monetization via a WordPress plugin or html. There’s a bit of jiggery-pokery to be done but the full article takes you through the process.

Screenshot 2015-07-04 at 4.01.57 PM

Go to the full article here, courtesy of the folks at Affilorama.