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Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers in Less Than a Day

Now, first up, note that you can buy followers anytime. From, say, Fiverr, or various other “unethical” places.

Don’t do that. It will ruin your reputation, it is obvious, and Twitter can shut down your account. Also, guess what – fake followers and Twitter bots don’t engage, don’t retweet, don’t add to your brand, and don’t buy anything.

That isn’t what this article is about. This article is about genuine followers who like what you post, retweet, engage, and might even buy into your products, business or service. The question is – how to get some genuine followers, and how to build your following quickly?

The basic idea is that if you follow someone on Twitter – they will possibly follow you back. If your non-Twitter content is attractive and you post a share or follow link there on that content, you may also gather some followers there as well.

As an aside, most people don’t have that many Twitter followers. Gathering a following takes work and it takes quality, but gives you credibility and value. If you had 100 Twitter followers you would be doing better than 48% of folks in Twitter. If you had 500 followers, you’d be better off than around 75% of people, and 1000 … better than 85%.

twitter followers
Get more Twitter followers

So, don’t feel bad about where you’re starting from. If you follow this article, you’ll have more than 100 Twitter followers by the end of this week, and possibly by the end of the day if you work it hard.

Make Twitter generation a habit. I’ll be shortly writing an article about what to do in 30 minutes per day with your social media engagement. Interact on Twitter every day. Post/tweet, engage, retweet and follow people in your area or niche.

When you start your Twitter account, try to make it look good right from the start. There is a high ratio of “Profile views” (when people go back and look at who you are) to tweets. In my own account, I seem to get around two Profile Views per tweet, and and about ten profile views per thousand tweet impressions.

Since your profile is where you explain and promote your own business, you want people to go and look, and you want it to be worthwhile when they do. Add a nice “branded” header and image to your Twitter profile.

Here’s some directions on an easy process:  to improve your Twitter profile by adding images.

Now, you’ll recall from earlier, I said the basic idea is that if you follow someone on Twitter – they will possibly follow you back. There is a lot of power is following people, and around 60% will follow you back.

A word of caution – don’t just follow anyone. Follow people in your area or niche. Follow people who could possibly be interested in your product or service. Also follow followers of people of influence in your area.

Be very selective. You could set out today to follow a few thousand people, almost at random, and then unfollow those who don’t follow you back. However, why would those people follow you back? If they do it automatically, do they really have an interest in what your offering, or the content you produce? Possibly, but also possibly not.

Search in Twitter to find who you might target to follow. Say you are selling online courses, or you have some personal development products. You might start by following “Udemy”, or “Tony Robbins”, and then look for the people who follow these accounts. It is the people who follow the leading accounts who may in turn have an interest in what you are selling or producing.

There are tools you can use to find the followers of leaders in your industry. I use SocialOomph. Other good tools are followerwonk or Tweepi. These tools will let you see who is following, say, Anthony Robbins or Udemy, for example, so that you may follow them with the hope that they will follow you back. They will thereby be exposed to your offerings, which is an area you now know they are interested in.

Note that there is a limit to how many people you can followFollow intelligently to generate the social proof and business branding that you want. Twitter has rules on how many people you can follow in one day which is currently 1,000 per day:

So, go ahead now and start searching for people in your area of interest, expertise and business. Start intelligently following these people, some of whom will follow you back.

However, don’t just follow these people to no purpose. Give them some value. Post some tweets they will be interested in, so there is some value for them to follow you. Retweet interesting posts from other thought leaders. Add content they will appreciate, so that when they hopefully rewteet your posts, more valuable followers will arrive.

Twitter – the Generous World

Twitter is part of the “Thank You” economy.

Twitter works by engagement. It also works by generosity. If you retweet someone’s good thoughts, maybe they will retweet yours. In the process your brand and following gets built up, as does theirs.

Of course, you can just follow, follow, follow, and some of those followers will follow back. But expanding your reach will also come from other people sending out your brand and message. So tweet good stuff and be generous in turn with mentions, thank-yous, and retweets of others.

I’ve seen it said that you should tweet in thirds:

One third sales/promotions, one third brand-building and personality, and one third generosity via retweets and mentions. I find it particularly useful to put a thank-you and a mention in a quoted retweet. That helps that person’s reach. It also helps get you on their radar.

Go for it!

I also posted about this cute plugin in my last post – it’s definitely worth checking out:

Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 10.23.24 AM

Using Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Twitter works well for driving traffic to your website.

Twitter does something else – it can help establish you as an authority in your field, or your niche. You can poll your customers to find out what they read, or to buy.

Thirdly, it is an exceptional was to manage customer service in your business. Monitor your feed and do other searches for your business name or twitter handle. Respond to both positive and negative comments. If the comments are positive, retweet them.

Try using Twitter “Product Cards”, which have been renamed to fit within the “Summary Card”. Here’s some information on the Twitter Summary Card, and an example below. Twitter recognizes when URLs are included in a tweet, and crawls your site to fetch the Card type and content.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 10.35.12 AMThere are 4 types of Twitter Cards now, all might help drive traffic to your website. Just add the Twitter-provided code to your website and you are set to go.

There are also some cool tools to use with Twitter. I use SocialOomph, and HootSuite is also good.

Here is also some sponsored information below, about a WordPress plugin to facilitate visitors retweeting your content. That’s a good idea!

Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 10.23.24 AM