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Offer a Bribe to Get An Email Address – Fair Exchange?

Offer a free gift in exchange for an email address

In earlier articles, we have spoken of “Landing Pages“, which are the first pages your visitor sees on arrival at your site.

Then we talked about “Squeeze Pages“, which are special pages which “squeeze” our new visitor into our sales funnel, and collect their email address on the way. This allows us to build an email list, which represents an asset to our business.

Why would our visitor give us his or her email address? Generally, we hope to offer them a free gift or “bribe” of such value that they are willing to swap their email address to get the gift.

The gift is generally some free content, but depending on our business model could be some physical product, or a discount of some sort. Especially in internet marketing, we are offering some content in the form a free report, or informational video.

It is good if the bribe has high perceived value to our visitor, but low cost to us. An informational product delivered electronically only costs us our time. Once we produce the report, we can use it over and over again.

If you have already written an ebook or short product, use this for your gift. You may also have access to someone else’s report that you can offer. You could buy or find some Private Label Rights (PLR) information written by someone else which you can edit or adjust so it represents your business, without having to write all the content.

It is better not to spend not too much time on creating this product. In actuality, as surprising as it seems, many people will subscribe to your list and never read your content in any case.

Creating your Free Report to Give Away

Fair exchange is no robbery

Presumably you have been creating content for your online business. This could be articles, or posts to a blog, or content-based emails to your list.

Here’s one way to create your free report from your own content, content you have paid for, or PLR.

  • Take your last 5 articles, or 5 articles which are related to each other on some topic or theme.
  • Arrange your articles in some kind of understandable order, say easy to advanced, or one end of a process to the other
  • Compile the 5 articles into one document
  • Create an header for the collection, and add a footer to make the 5 articles into a single document
  • Write a title for this mini-ebook. Focus on the benefits of reading the ebook to your readers
  • Rename each of the articles so they are chapters of the mini-ebook
  • Create a table of contents
  • At the end of the book (and in the footer if you like) add a link to one or more of your sales/product page. You might also be able to put affiliate links in the report if it makes sense to do so.
  • Convert the mini-ebook into a pdf. Most “office” type applications will allow you to export a Word or equivalent document as a pdf. Alternatively, there are online pdf creators.
  • Upload the pdf to your website so that you can then send a link to the free report to your new subscribers.

If you are using one of the better known autoresponder systems, once your visitor subscribes, they will be sent to a “Thank You” page. You can put a link on this page so your new subscriber can download the report they signed up for.

Alternatively, you can have an automated email sent as soon as your visitor subscribes. This first email can contain the link to the free report. This forces and “trains” your subscriber to open your emails.

Here is an example from a friend and marketer named Sean Mize. This example has some older style of content, given that article marketing is not used for internet marketing so much now. However, in this report “Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide” you can clearly see how Sean has complied 5 previously written articles into a mini ebook.

The content (for it’s time) is excellent and useable, and would more than compensate a subscriber for offering up their email address.



Build Your Squeeze Page – Build Your List

We wrote an earlier post about a website “Landing Page”. A Landing Page is the page a visitor arrives at when first visiting your site.

A “Squeeze Page” is a special type of Landing Page where the sole object is to have your visitor give us their email address. It’s called a Squeeze Page because the visitor is “squeezed” into our sales funnel.

Normally, this is the ONLY action and purpose of the page. In a really strong squeeze page, there would be no other action possible, no advertising, and no links to other parts of your website. Most especially, there should be no alternatives to your visitor than to opt in to your email list.

First we squeeze their email address, then we squeeze them into our sales funnel

The basic idea of a squeeze page is to leverage your traffic. You have attracted a visitor to your site. They have seen the content you offer ONCE and might then leave, never to be seen again.

If, though, we can squeeze their email address out of them in return for a bribe of free content, then we can contact our visitor over and over again. Our visitor then becomes an asset to our business, and potentially a future income source if we can continue to deliver adequate value.

A good squeeze page can get between 30% – 60% conversion rate – which is the percentage of visitors who land on your squeeze page ho sign up for your email list. This also depends on the traffic source, with the more targeted the traffic source, the more optins likely.

However, studies have shown that adding one outbound or inbound link to the squeeze page drops the conversion rate by half. Asking for your visitor’s name as well as email address also drops the conversion rate significantly.

How Do I Build My Squeeze Page?

WordPress makes it easy to build your own Squeeze Page

There are a few ways to build your own Squeeze Page.

There are some complete solutions to the problem. You will pay for these but they may save you some work. The three leading examples are:

  1. LeadPages
  2. Optimize Press
  3. ClickFunnels

As well as letting you build squeeze pages, these solutions also offer tutorials and training programs. They may help you track what happens when visitors arrive at your site, and where the traffic come from.

If you want a free solution, then install WordPress on your website. WordPress will then allow you to use the many plugins and themes which will let you build a decent squeeze page.

While you can do your own search of WordPress plugins, one of the current excellent plugins is WP Lead Plus X. Like all WordPress plugins, installing this plugin is extremely easy. From inside WordPress, navigate to “Plugins” – “Add New”, and search for WP Lead Plus X.

It takes less than 3 minutes to get WP Lead PLus X up and running. WP Lead Plus X comes with a number of templates to build various types of landing pages. And like many WordPress plugins, this one is free.

WordPress has a pop-up plugin designed to work with the autoresponder Aweber. This one is called Optin Cat, and is also free.

There are paid or premium plugins to create your squeeze page, and given you are paying for these, they come with extra facilities. You should consider these extra capabilities to see if they are worth you spending your money.

The plugins below all provide “pop up” functionality, so your optin box pops up over your main Landing Page to encourage your reader to sign up to your newsletter.

  1. WordPress PopUp (FREE/$19) The paid version allows you to add extra targeting, specifically geographic targeting.
  2. Optin Revolution (FREE/$47) This plugin has native support for Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp. The paid version allows split testing of different forms and analysis of the incoming data.
  3. Popup Domination ($47) supports all email services, allows split tests, analysis of data and exit popups.

WordPress functionality makes building your Squeeze Pages reasonably easy. Building an email list means you are building an asset for yourself and your future business.

How to Build an Email List Without a Website

While it may end up being better to spend some money in your new or existing business, you can start to build an email list without spending money initially.

Here is the basic outline:

  • Create some sort of offer to entice people to sign up – could be a video on YouTube or a pdf report. These are the easiest, or Slides could be used as well.
  • While many internet marketers use GetResponse or Aweber, MailChimp can be used initially for free, and you can set up an opt-in form in MailChimp
  • Edit the Thank You email from MailChimp to send new subscribers to the free report they asked for.

The free report can be hosted on YouTube, or you could also use Google Docs to write and host a pdf. Google Docs will let you create a share-able link you can put in your email later. Make sure it’s viewable for everyone with the share link. YouTube will also give you a share link if you make a video.

MailChimp makes it reasonably easy to create an opt-in or sign-up form. You can build the form and take note of the opt-in form URL where people will be able to sign-up.

MailChimp does NOT have the capacity to send out regular emails on autopilot like the autoresponders in GetResponse or Aweber. However, MailChimp DOES have the capacity to have a “Thank You” email sent out.

MailChimp also does not have single opt-in like someothers so subscribers WILL have to confirm. Write the subscription confirmation email so that it includes the link to the promised free report, which is either YouTube or Google Docs.

Test it!

Now, how to drive traffic (high-quality targeted traffic) to your free offer, and to your sign up form?

Use YouTube to drive traffic to that opt-in form. If you build a YouTube channel you can also build some revenue from the ads there, but the primary purpose is to get an audience and build your list.

Ultimately, you might want the capacity to use an autoresponder to make some of the work and income a bit more passive. In which case Aweber might do it for you.

Now, this process WORKS, you can do it … and it’s FREE.

Here’s some more information available below [CLICK!]

Screenshot 2016-05-25 at 9.40.55 AM

ClickBanking, and How to Use It To Build Your List … Fast

Simply put, ClickBanking is a fast way to build your existing email list.

Click banking is like adswapping however instead of you swapping clicks at the same time you agree to send the other list owner a certain amount of clicks (lets say 200) over a period of time. Once you have sent him the total 200 clicks he turns around and sends you the 200 back. This method is generally used for newer list builders who can’t send a large amount of clicks with one email.

“Funnel Clicks” are a bit different again. Funnel clicks come from banners and links on download pages, email follow up sequences, exit type traffic page and overflow solo ad mailings. Funnel clicks can be effective as you get your offer right in front of a prospect when they are in the process of “taking some sort of action”. They are often cheaper as well.

Building Your Email List

Getting People to Join

One of the best ways to get people to join your list of contacts and subscribers is to give them freebies (sometimes called “Lead Magnets”. Freebies have a distinct way of converting ordinary passersby into well-paying customers. This is a time-tested method of getting more clients and subscribers quickly and cheaply. In as much as email list is concerned, a freebie or a giveaway is something that your clients can download for free. The main purpose of a freebie is to get a lot of people to view your site and get them to sign-up. Technically speaking, it is a way to get more traffic into your website, thus increasing sales and profits.

What are the Advantages of Lead Magnets?

There are many advantages to giving away gifts to your clients. Here are some of them:

It Ensures Results. – A give away is almost always sure to get new clients to subscribe or sign-up.

It Works. –  Once a visitor accepts a freebie, they will need to sign-up in order to download or get it. Most often than not, many people decide to sign-up.

It’s Efficient.–  Once the freebie is ready, all you have to do is send them to your mailing list manager and they will take care of the rest.

It doesn’t Require Much.– You don’t have to be an IT expert in order to send freebies to your clients. Since everything in an email list is automated, you should have no worries about search engine optimization, website design, and other technical stuffs.

What Lead Magnets Do I Give Away?

There are many types of freebies that you can give away to your clients and subscribers. Your freebies will have to be something digital, for the obvious reason that you are sending them through the internet and email. Having trouble determining what gifts to send? Well, you may want to look at the following. They are the most commonly sent freebies and giveaways that many businesses ahead of you usually send.

  • •Ebooks
  • Free Reports
  • Software scripts
  • Free audios or Mp3s
  • Short video clips
  • Product promotions
  • Announcements and coupons

As mentioned a while ago, these are the most common freebies that are sent through emails day after day. Should you come up with a new one, please feel free to share.

How to Set Up Your List and Freebies

After choosing which kind of gift to send, you’ll need to come up with a page in your website that allows the clients to download the freebie. Here is how you do that.

Let them Sign-up This will be the page where your visitors will have to sign-up in order to download their gifts. Here, they will have to input their email addresses which is automatically saved in your list. Also, don’t forget to tell them that they can always cancel their subscription anytime, which should get them to thinking “Well, it’s just this once…” and make them click the “download” button.

Say Thank You This serves two purposes. One is to say “thank you,” and the second is to make sure that you are sending the gifts to the right people. Your thank you page also deters people from giving you fake email addresses. After they sign-up and give you their email address, you will send an automatic response to the email address that they provided. The response will not include the gift, but instead a short sweet thank you note. Below the note is a link that leads to the download page. Thus, if they gave you a fake email address, they will not be able to click the link and download the gift.

Let them Download After you have verified that the email addresses are no fraud, then it’s time to give them the gift through your download page. Be sure to include instructions on how they can download the gift (for example, “to get your gift, right click this and save as that…” and so on and so forth.)

Also, you may want to provide links to download any software required to run your freebie. For example, if you sent an ebook in PDF format, you may want to include a link to help them download a PDF reader.

Complete List Building & Email Marketing Funnel

One average, each list subscriber is worth $1.00 per month. Soooo … think of it this way …

  • 500 paying, highly responsive subscribers per month = car payment
  • 1000 paying, highly responsive subscribers per month = mortgage payment
  • 1500 paying, highly responsive subscribers = a truly great vacation
  • 10,000 paying, highly responsive subscribers = a NEW LIFE

However, there’s some stuff that’s HARD!

Screenshot 2015-07-04 at 4.49.53 PM

Now, sure, you can probably hack your way through learning all that stuff … but nobody got time for dat.

Instead, check this out …

Screenshot 2015-07-04 at 4.45.15 PM


Written by Greg Konenenko, an Aussie Sydney-sider and (therefore) salt of the earth. He is a good guy, and with nothing to lose, just check it out.