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How to Build an Email List Without a Website

While it may end up being better to spend some money in your new or existing business, you can start to build an email list without spending money initially.

Here is the basic outline:

  • Create some sort of offer to entice people to sign up – could be a video on YouTube or a pdf report. These are the easiest, or Slides could be used as well.
  • While many internet marketers use GetResponse or Aweber, MailChimp can be used initially for free, and you can set up an opt-in form in MailChimp
  • Edit the Thank You email from MailChimp to send new subscribers to the free report they asked for.

The free report can be hosted on YouTube, or you could also use Google Docs to write and host a pdf. Google Docs will let you create a share-able link you can put in your email later. Make sure it’s viewable for everyone with the share link. YouTube will also give you a share link if you make a video.

MailChimp makes it reasonably easy to create an opt-in or sign-up form. You can build the form and take note of the opt-in form URL where people will be able to sign-up.

MailChimp does NOT have the capacity to send out regular emails on autopilot like the autoresponders in GetResponse or Aweber. However, MailChimp DOES have the capacity to have a “Thank You” email sent out.

MailChimp also does not have single opt-in like someothers so subscribers WILL have to confirm. Write the subscription confirmation email so that it includes the link to the promised free report, which is either YouTube or Google Docs.

Test it!

Now, how to drive traffic (high-quality targeted traffic) to your free offer, and to your sign up form?

Use YouTube to drive traffic to that opt-in form. If you build a YouTube channel you can also build some revenue from the ads there, but the primary purpose is to get an audience and build your list.

Ultimately, you might want the capacity to use an autoresponder to make some of the work and income a bit more passive. In which case Aweber might do it for you.

Now, this process WORKS, you can do it … and it’s FREE.

Here’s some more information available below [CLICK!]

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