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Make Your First Dollar Online With Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing
Make Your First Dollar Online

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing actually benefits three people. It benefits the vendor or seller because they now have you, the affiliate marketer, bringing new people to see their products. Affiliate marketing benefits the consumer because they are exposed to a product which might solve a problem they have. And affiliate marketing brings you a new income stream as you bring buyers and sellers together.

One way you can get a start with affiliate marketing is to keep an eye out for popular new products. Potential buyers might not want to put out their money until they have some more information or what they regard as an unbiased review. If you provide this extra information they may purchase through your website, or through a special coded link (affiliate link) which ensures you get paid once the buyer purchases.

You get paid your affiliate commission for providing convincing extra information to the buyer, and for driving traffic to the affiliate offer.

There are many, many affiliate products available to promote. Along with the products there are in turn many, many people looking for solutions to problems. This represents an opportunity for you.

How to Find a Product to Promote

One good place to start is the Clickbank Marketplace.

Clickbank affiliate marketing
Clickbank Marketplace

The front page here looks like:

If you couple this with a “keyword search” you should find some products or solutions people are looking for. For keyword searching I use because it has results for lots of different search engines.

If you put into the keyword search “cure for” … it returns some good possibilities:

  • cold
  • herpes
  • acne
  • constipation
  • athlete’s foot
  • hangover
  • headache
  • toenail fungus
  • blood pressure
  • heartburn

Let’s say you now go back to Clickbank and put in their product search “acne”.

and if you search by “Keyword Relevance”, and you will see products like:

The “Grav” [Gravity] number tells you how many affiliates are successfully making sales of this product. In fact, there are almost 100 “acne” products on Clickbank. You can search by income, and some products have “rebill” amounts where buyers sign up for a monthly payment.

As we said above, you will already notice there are LOTS of people looking for solutions, and LOTS of products available to sell to them.

There are lots of affiliate networks also. Clickbank is a very large network, and it is easy to sign up there. Commission Junction (or C J Affiliate) is another good network.

If you want to use Clickbank, you will have to sign up and provide a “nickname” and a password. Pick a decent nickname as it made be visible in your affiliate links. Once you find a good product, click on the red “Promote” button. This will generate your affiliate link with your nickname included.

You can paste this coded affiliate link all around the place. You can send the link in an email if you have an email list, post it on Facebook in some circumstances, tweet it on twitter, pin it on Pinterest.

The coded affiliate link is long, and a bit untidy. I use a service called to shorten these untidy link. I have created an account with this service. You can shorten a long link without creating an account, but if you have an account bitly will track clicks for you as well, how many clicks as well as where the clicks came from.

How to Distribute Your Link

Ok, what do you have so far?

You have a people looking for a solution to a problem. You now have an affiliate product to sell them, and a trackable link so the vendor or affiliate network will pay you.

What’s next?

You have to get your Link in front of people looking for the solution.

There are various ways to get your link out into the marketplace:

  • Facebook fan page
  • create attractive content
  • videos/YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Craigslist
  • post into problem or interest-based internet forums

You could create content – articles and videos – around your core topic. You could use this content to start a micro-niche blog or site, say using WordPress. The blog posts could discuss acne cures and general information, as well has have your affiliate links in place.

You could also start a Facebook fan page in this niche or area. Post the content there as stand-alone content, or link from facebook back to your blog with the affiliate links in place.

YouTube lets you have many different  video channels, in effect one per gmail account. If you want to get yourself a dedicated “acne” (or other) gmail account, you can set up a YouTube channel dedicated to solutions to acne. Each video can have a clickable affiliate link to your product, including in the video description. You can either post general (accurate!) information, or reviews of various acne cure products. Have a call-to-action so visitors will click the link.

On Twitter, you could use the Twitter search function to search for, say, “acne”. Some people will be positing that they are in need of a solution to whatever their problem is. You can post your link directly to them using the @ messaging function (or just hit “Reply”).

Yahoo Answers is another place where people post their problems, and look for answers and solutions. If you want to spend some time searching in this forum, you can send people who are posting their questions your link for your solution.

Craigslist is a worldwide advertising marketplace, where people post things for sale, or post that they are looking for particular items or information. Craigslist is particularly good for physical items, where you could be an affiliate via Amazon, AliBaba or CJ Affiliate. This is a more one-to-one method, and you should look to be selling items with a high commission.