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List Building Shortcut

Hi there,

Haven’t posted for a while cos I’ve been busy with the odd project  here and there. Better to be busy then not, hey?

Hope things have been ok for you, and as always you can email me if you have a question at

Anyway, today I’m posting a great article from Brendon Mace, who is a cool internet marketer, traveler and all-around good guy.


  1. Create a good funnel (don’t worry I’ll show you this step with the video below)
  2. Spend a $1.00 – Make $1.10 + LEADS
  3. Then invest $400 – Make $440 + LEADS
  4. Then invest some more….
  5. Then invest A LOT!!!!

Now, here’s what I’ll say from my own experience. You can generate traffic to an offer or squeeze page. That’s no problem. Facebook, Bing, Adwords or Solo Ads will all get that done for you.

Of course, you want your traffic as cheap as possible and as high quality as possible.

After that … it’s all about how well the funnel converts. Think about that. Focus there.

See you next time!