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How to Use LinkedIn to Develop Huge Business Connections (And Thereby Sell Your Stuff)

LinkedIn – the more connections, the larger audience for your business

Let’s take a look at the simple breakdown of what we will be covering. In this article we will look at using LinkedIn groups to expand your network. We will cover what a LinkedIn Group is, why you should use it, how to join, how to identify a good group and what to do after joining it.

LinkedIn groups consist of a pool of people with certain things in common. For example, location, expertise industry, special skills, interest and more. By correctly utilizing these groups, you widen your network effectively in a great scale.

Joining relevant and useful LinkedIn groups will be your most essential tool for driving high converting leads. However, many do the common mistake where they join specific groups that are only related to their industry or expertise.

Yes, it is probably the first thing that comes to your mind – to join a group related to what your business is selling. However, this is not where you will find your ideal clients, or rather may I put it in this way – you won’t make the cut because the group will be full of your peers and competitors.

So unless you are outstandingly above your peers and competitors, it is best to survey and research closely on the groups you’re planning to join. Aim for groups that have more demand than supply. That way you will stand a better chance to gain interest from the group members.

How Do I Join A LinkedIn Group?

To find Groups, go to the Search bar up here in your homepage, hover over the icon that has 3 lines, select ‘Groups’ from the drop down box.

Then you can type in your keywords in the search bar to search for your ideal group to engage with. You need to narrow down your search by adding a keyword that’s relevant to your target market. If you’re networking with business owners, simply add the word “business” or “entrepreneurs” will help targeting your search to a more ideal pool of prospects.

Reach out to people across the group

How Do I Identify A GOOD LinkedIn Group?

There is regular discussion going on. This goes to show that the group members are active and engaged. There will be potential clients in there because there is demand.

The quality of discussions. Are the discussions in the group spam-like and not systematic or is it full of discussions with useful content? This will help you identify if the group members are potential clients or not, as well as aiding you in researching what is in demand and if you can offer your expertise to engage with them.

The most popular job function in the group is your target market. For example, you want to see Business” as the main function in the group statistics if you’re targeting business owners. This should serve as an indication of a quality group when you search for a group to join.

What Do I Do Once I’ve Joined The Group?

How to benefit from LinkedIn group
Once you join a LinkedIn Group – start making connections!

What should you do to expand your network after you have joined a good LinkedIn group?

Once you join a new group, reach out to the group admin and ask, “What would you like to see more of in your group?”

Here are some questions you can ask the group admin and try to offer to the group. For example, is there anything you can share to the group that can offer value to the group members?

This action is a good approach. You will appear to be a beneficial addition to the group as you appear to be active in involvement. In a long run, some group admins will likely let you share a good deal of your content in their group.

It is also important to spend at least a week just going through reading and commenting on other people’s threads. This will help you build connections with your ideal prospects. If you discover some potential clients, you should also be making connection request and sending them InMail etc.

I also found this good LinkedIn training video on Lead Generation. Hope you enjoy it.

How To Use YouTube To Increase Views and Subscribers For Your Online Business

YouTube Featured Content - not just for funny goats
YouTube – not just funny goats

In this article we will discuss how to use featured content to increase your YouTube subscribers and views. We will explore what YouTube featured content is, and how it helps increase your subscribers and video views.

What is YouTube “Featured Content”?

Featured content in YouTube can be a video or a playlist. The purpose is to promote a new video to all of your audience.

Featured content:

  • Increases video views and attract more subscribers
  • Enables you to embed any video or playlist in any video in any of your YouTube channels
  • Ensures your audience sees your featured content first, and keeps them tuned to your channel

Benefits of Using Featured Content

Featuring a video on YouTube is like having free advertising for your other videos on your channel. You can choose to make any one of your videos or playlists appear as a banner on all your videos at any time you wish. You just need to customize which video and you set the time that you want it to appear and disappear.

By featuring a video across all your YouTube videos, you are also keeping your audience tuned in to your channel for a longer period of time.

Tuning in your audience hopefully translates into engagement, which then increases the likelihood of top of mind recall when they think of the category that your brand is in.

For example, if you are a chocolate brand and you do a video animation about chocolate or something related, whenever your audience thinks of buying a bar of chocolate, there is a likely increased potential that they would pick your brand off shelf. Of course this is not the sole driving purchase decision of consumers but it assists in increasing the potential of sales.

The Featured Videos is where YouTube will take note of how many likes, comments, or views your video is getting, and it will rank you accordingly in their search engine results. So this means that featured content can be used to increase your search engine ranking.

How To Enable Featured Content

YouTube "Featured Content" let you cut through the noise
“Featured Content” let you cut through the noise

Go to your YouTube account dashboard, click on the “Person” icon on the top right corner, then click on the Creator Studio button.

On the left column, click on the “Channel” tab. From the dropdown menu, click on “Featured Content”.

Select Featured Content. A dialogue box will appear. Select the content that you’d like to feature from the available options. There are two:

“Most Recent Upload” is where you choose to automatically feature the most recently uploaded video in your channel. This means that YouTube will automatically feature the video that is most recently uploaded in your channel in the current video you want to feature in.

“Specific Video or Playlist” is where you can select any video or playlist you want to feature from your channel, or you can enter other people’s YouTube video or playlist URL. Select an existing video from your channel that you want to feature. Then click on the “Save” button on the bottom right.

There are three things you would need to customize.

First is display time. You can choose and specify when exactly you want the featured content to appear within the current video timeframe.

If you decide to “Optimize Timing” (tick the box), YouTube will try to choose the best time to show your promotion, based on past viewer behavior in each video.

“Custom Message” is where you can insert a message and it will appear alongside the featured content.

Utilize the customization options to promote and drive your marketing campaign. For example, you could use a Custom Message to put in a link to your online store or a website and have visitors go through the sales funnel or even put in a marketing message that promotes 50% off a certain item. The possibilities are many.

The Featured Content you have selected will display consistently across devices in the bottom left corner and appear in the “What to Watch Next” module for subscribed viewers. It will also include a label with the video or playlist information that appears when you hover over the icon.

Get creative with your YouTube Featured Content!