Offer a Bribe to Get An Email Address – Fair Exchange?

Offer a free gift in exchange for an email address

In earlier articles, we have spoken of “Landing Pages“, which are the first pages your visitor sees on arrival at your site.

Then we talked about “Squeeze Pages“, which are special pages which “squeeze” our new visitor into our sales funnel, and collect their email address on the way. This allows us to build an email list, which represents an asset to our business.

Why would our visitor give us his or her email address? Generally, we hope to offer them a free gift or “bribe” of such value that they are willing to swap their email address to get the gift.

The gift is generally some free content, but depending on our business model could be some physical product, or a discount of some sort. Especially in internet marketing, we are offering some content in the form a free report, or informational video.

It is good if the bribe has high perceived value to our visitor, but low cost to us. An informational product delivered electronically only costs us our time. Once we produce the report, we can use it over and over again.

If you have already written an ebook or short product, use this for your gift. You may also have access to someone else’s report that you can offer. You could buy or find some Private Label Rights (PLR) information written by someone else which you can edit or adjust so it represents your business, without having to write all the content.

It is better not to spend not too much time on creating this product. In actuality, as surprising as it seems, many people will subscribe to your list and never read your content in any case.

Creating your Free Report to Give Away

Fair exchange is no robbery

Presumably you have been creating content for your online business. This could be articles, or posts to a blog, or content-based emails to your list.

Here’s one way to create your free report from your own content, content you have paid for, or PLR.

  • Take your last 5 articles, or 5 articles which are related to each other on some topic or theme.
  • Arrange your articles in some kind of understandable order, say easy to advanced, or one end of a process to the other
  • Compile the 5 articles into one document
  • Create an header for the collection, and add a footer to make the 5 articles into a single document
  • Write a title for this mini-ebook. Focus on the benefits of reading the ebook to your readers
  • Rename each of the articles so they are chapters of the mini-ebook
  • Create a table of contents
  • At the end of the book (and in the footer if you like) add a link to one or more of your sales/product page. You might also be able to put affiliate links in the report if it makes sense to do so.
  • Convert the mini-ebook into a pdf. Most “office” type applications will allow you to export a Word or equivalent document as a pdf. Alternatively, there are online pdf creators.
  • Upload the pdf to your website so that you can then send a link to the free report to your new subscribers.

If you are using one of the better known autoresponder systems, once your visitor subscribes, they will be sent to a “Thank You” page. You can put a link on this page so your new subscriber can download the report they signed up for.

Alternatively, you can have an automated email sent as soon as your visitor subscribes. This first email can contain the link to the free report. This forces and “trains” your subscriber to open your emails.

Here is an example from a friend and marketer named Sean Mize. This example has some older style of content, given that article marketing is not used for internet marketing so much now. However, in this report “Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide” you can clearly see how Sean has complied 5 previously written articles into a mini ebook.

The content (for it’s time) is excellent and useable, and would more than compensate a subscriber for offering up their email address.



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