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Facebook Retargeting without a Website

Remarketing – Retargeting.

There’s a difference. Remarketing is marketing to re-engage with people you already have, and can talk to, often outside Facebook, say with Email.

Retargeting is when you place some pixel code on a website, and Facebook is alerted when a visitor arrives on your site. The visitor is captured within an “Audience” in Facebook, and you can then target ads specifically to them. This re-targeting is very specific and can be made super-specific with extra targeting elements, like say particular webpages or timeframes visited.

Notice that “you place some pixel code on a website”.

What if you don’t have a website?

Facebook has new options of video ads and Canvas ads. While video ads have been around for a while and are still often quite cheap, Canvas is newer. So new, that not all users have it as an option just yet.

In the case of Canvas you can deliver to Facebook users what it calls an “Immersive experience” combining video, images, text, and the capacity to link to off-Facebook sites.

Once a user has been attracted by your Canvas and clicked through, you can then retarget ads to those people. Just in the same way you may have done if you had pixel code on a website.

Here’s some details:

Go to it!


I need your opinion – what do you think of this Facebook ad?

I’ve just written an ad for this product. It’s a good product. I think my
friends and subscribers will get value from it. It will definitely change
some peoples’ lives.
More than that, I’ve stumped up with my credit card. Facebook
is going to start running the ad any minute now.
Then I thought … I should have asked your opinion.
You’re on Facebook. You’ve seen heaps of ads.
What do you think? I’d really value your opinion. Should I change the
image, the copy, the text?
Let me know,
Warwick Foster
P.S. I’d love you to check out the product yourself. It’s a good one.