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How to Install Facebook’s New Advertising Pixels

Do I need it? Not unless you use Facebook for advertising, and then you’d have to be hillbilly-stupid not to be using Facebook’s new-old pixel system.

What’s a pixel? A tiny piece of code you stick in your website which sends information of visitors back to Facebook. To Facebook, note. Not to you or me. But still suuuper-useful.

Facebook used to have 2 pixels – Website Custom Audience, and Conversion. Now, it’s all one. Easier in some ways. Harder in others.

This post is not about philosophy, or reason-why, or how to use the pixels to improve your advertising results (which it will). This post is about how to install the pixel.

The Facebook pixel in it’s basic configuration is found from your Facebook Ad Manager or Power Editor. This post is not about how to find your pixel. This post is about how to install the pixel.

The base configuration pixel is installed on your website. On every page if you like. If you know html, you can edit your html header and poke the script in there. Easy peasy. If you don’t know html, and are using WordPress (as apposed to some other Content Management System), then you use a plugin to put the base pixel into your website.

Which plugin? This one:  Screenshot 2016-06-05 at 4.56.40 PM

It’s just called “Insert Header and Footer”. Easy to install, and setup via copy-and-paste the Facebook pixel code into the plugin settings.

So far, so good.

Now, while it might easier to understand the idea of a Conversion Pixel which tracks all of your funnel or page/website conversions, Facebook now has you insert a piece of “Standard Event” into the base pixel code. Easy, trust me, you can do it. It’s more difficult to write about that to do it.

This post is not about putting the Standard Event code into the Facebook base pixel. This post is about how to install the pixel.

Now, Standard Events DON’T go on every page like the base pixel code. Standard Event pixel codes go on the individual pages of your website which represent stuff you might want to track – like, say a sales funnel, or optin pages.

So, now you need to be able to put a different piece of code on one page to another. Yay, WordPress has plugins to do that also. Here they are:

Screenshot 2016-06-05 at 4.46.22 PM


Screenshot 2016-06-05 at 4.44.50 PM

Either will do the job. Super easy (obvious) to set up. Send me a note if you struggle, and I’ll help you out. Promise.

Another simple Facebook retargeting idea

Now, you’ll recall we spoke about Facebook pixels and retargeting using these pixels.

Here’s an idea for how this might work. Also note that you may choose not to run a single Facebook ad in isolation. You might, if you were looking for a one-off sale, say a CPA offer or equivalent. In which case, profit vs loss and ROI is pretty easy to calculate and to think about.

If though, you were looking to bring new customers into your business using Facebook pixeling and retargeting, you might take a longer term view. That also means that the thinking about whether an individual Facebook ad is profitable or not might be less obvious, and might not even be relevant.

Now, when a new person opts in to your email list, you might send them a series of emails. Some of the emails might be branding and introduction and some might be offers. There’s a series of them, and they are triggered each time a new subscriber opts-in.

With Facebook retargeting, though, it doesn’t start with an opt-in. It starts when a a visitor is “pixeled” as they land on your site. It might be if they land anywhere on your site, or it might be when or if they land on an individual page. You could, for instance, capture the moment they land on your opt-in (or better, your confirmation) page and set off a series of timed Facebook exposures at the same time they were seeing your emails.


Or maybe you drive them to a particular part of the site using a targeted Facebook ad and the follow up with a series of exposures of similar content. This warms them up to your brand and opens them up to the eventual sale. The sale could be to opt-in to your list at this point, or to request some information, sign up for a coaching/sales call, or an actual sale of a product or service.

The leverage is all from the warming up and gradual exposure via Facebook’s pixel retargeting.

C’mon boy … bring those prospects back!