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A Brief Lesson in Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting in Facebook is the process where you can collect (or “pixel”) visitors coming to your site, and then target (re-target) exactly those people for Facebook advertising.

Why would it work? Because these people are already at least a little bit warm and have been exposed to some degree to our message. This means lower cost per click in our advertising, and higher ROI.

Now Facebook has recently changed its pixel process. There used to be 2 pixels, now there is just one. The one pixel should be placed all over your site, and then you can, if you want then use “Custom Conversions” or “Standard Events” to track, target and optimize individual steps in your sales funnel.

Now, say you were an offline business. For that matter, an online business. And now, say someone checked out your site. Often these people would be lost, and you may never see them again. With Facebook retargeting, you can “follow” these prospects around Facebook, and expose them to your message again (and again … and again). Thereby keeping your prospect warm.

The reason retargeting is so valuable is that we are all spending time, energy and money to attract people to our sites. We try to do the best job we can to show them outstanding content, and maybe (should!) capture their email address. However, numbers of visitors will drift away and not return. Note: you could track this number with Google Analytic’s Bounce Rate, and get a further sense of engagement by looking at how long people stayed on your site.

By using a “Custom Audience” in Facebook composed of the people who visited your site (for anytime up to 180 days), you can expose them to ads to send them back to your website, to show them products or services, or entice them to “Like” your page.boomerang

Exactly those people who you know have already visited your site!

On an average it can take 7 to 10 times of a prospect being exposed to your message before they will buy. With Facebook retargeting you can be deliberate about exposing that message to your visitors again and again to build up that 7-10 exposures. Otherwise … how would you know?

Building a Custom Audience ready for Facebook advertising is not difficult. I know you can master it. Then you can retarget visitors for higher responses rates, higher ROI, and cheaper advertising. Go to it!

Twitter – the Generous World

Twitter is part of the “Thank You” economy.

Twitter works by engagement. It also works by generosity. If you retweet someone’s good thoughts, maybe they will retweet yours. In the process your brand and following gets built up, as does theirs.

Of course, you can just follow, follow, follow, and some of those followers will follow back. But expanding your reach will also come from other people sending out your brand and message. So tweet good stuff and be generous in turn with mentions, thank-yous, and retweets of others.

I’ve seen it said that you should tweet in thirds:

One third sales/promotions, one third brand-building and personality, and one third generosity via retweets and mentions. I find it particularly useful to put a thank-you and a mention in a quoted retweet. That helps that person’s reach. It also helps get you on their radar.

Go for it!

I also posted about this cute plugin in my last post – it’s definitely worth checking out:

Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 10.23.24 AM

Using Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Twitter works well for driving traffic to your website.

Twitter does something else – it can help establish you as an authority in your field, or your niche. You can poll your customers to find out what they read, or to buy.

Thirdly, it is an exceptional was to manage customer service in your business. Monitor your feed and do other searches for your business name or twitter handle. Respond to both positive and negative comments. If the comments are positive, retweet them.

Try using Twitter “Product Cards”, which have been renamed to fit within the “Summary Card”. Here’s some information on the Twitter Summary Card, and an example below. Twitter¬†recognizes when URLs are included in a tweet, and crawls your site to fetch the Card type and content.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 10.35.12 AMThere are 4 types of Twitter Cards now, all might help drive traffic to your website. Just add the Twitter-provided code to your website and you are set to go.

There are also some cool tools to use with Twitter. I use SocialOomph, and HootSuite is also good.

Here is also some sponsored information below, about a WordPress plugin to facilitate visitors retweeting your content. That’s a good idea!

Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 10.23.24 AM

How to Build an Email List Without a Website

While it may end up being better to spend some money in your new or existing business, you can start to build an email list without spending money initially.

Here is the basic outline:

  • Create some sort of offer to entice people to sign up – could be a video on YouTube or a pdf report. These are the easiest, or Slides could be used as well.
  • While many internet marketers use GetResponse or Aweber, MailChimp can be used initially for free, and you can set up an opt-in form in MailChimp
  • Edit the Thank You email from MailChimp to send new subscribers to the free report they asked for.

The free report can be hosted on YouTube, or you could also use Google Docs to write and host a pdf. Google Docs will let you create a share-able link you can put in your email later. Make sure it’s viewable for everyone with the share link. YouTube will also give you a share link if you make a video.

MailChimp makes it reasonably easy to create an opt-in or sign-up form. You can build the form and take note of the opt-in form URL where people will be able to sign-up.

MailChimp does NOT have the capacity to send out regular emails on autopilot like the autoresponders in GetResponse or Aweber. However, MailChimp DOES have the capacity to have a “Thank You” email sent out.

MailChimp also does not have single opt-in like someothers so subscribers WILL have to confirm. Write the subscription confirmation email so that it includes the link to the promised free report, which is either YouTube or Google Docs.

Test it!

Now, how to drive traffic (high-quality targeted traffic) to your free offer, and to your sign up form?

Use YouTube to drive traffic to that opt-in form. If you build a YouTube channel you can also build some revenue from the ads there, but the primary purpose is to get an audience and build your list.

Ultimately, you might want the capacity to use an autoresponder to make some of the work and income a bit more passive. In which case Aweber might do it for you.

Now, this process WORKS, you can do it … and it’s FREE.

Here’s some more information available below [CLICK!]

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