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Christopher Walden just built a huge list of 2,214 people within 7 days

I know, I know.

Who’s Christopher Walden?

No-one special. Ordinary guy.

Just trying to get some decent results for his business.

Maybe like you. Certainly like me.

Here’s what Christopher Walden discovered. The secret is in engagement. Any businesses using social media and content marketing knows that. And they are running from the minute they get up trying to achieve it.

You know what else Christopher discovered?

“Cloud Software that Built Self-Optimizing & Automated Customer-Driven Funnels Responsible for 482,030 Email Leads & $2,502,600 Sales in 6 Months.”

That’s a direct quote from their sales page. While you’re there, check out their testimonials. Real people. Real as you and me.


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Making Money on Demand with PLR


What is that?

PLR = Private Label Rights.

Private Label Rights are products of various kinds, ready made to sell. Often ebooks, written on any topic or in any niche you can think of. Popular areas are: Internet marketing, health, weight loss and dog training … but can range much wider than this, to hobbies, illnesses, travel … anything for which someone might want information.

A more modern take on PLR includes software, with wordpress plugins a new favourite.

With PLR, you can purchase the pre-written information or software and construct an entire business around it. You generally just need to edit the product a little to include your own contact and paypal or ecommerce details, and upload.

If you want, you can combine multiple PLR products into new mega-reports, rewrite them into Kindle or other books, and promote them on blogs.

The most tedious aspect of an information-marketing business is taken care of, with the products pre-written. A good PLR pack can also include the website ready to sell the new product. You can upload it yourself or find someone on fiverr to do it cheaply.

Really good PLR packs can include a squeeze page to capture email addresses, and prewritten courses to pre-sell the main product.

You can search for PLR products anywhere on the net. Or get a head start with a package like this one. It’s quite the head start, so have a crack!

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