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Week 1 is Blogging … Week 5 is $10,000 Per Month

Week 1 – Blogging – “Laying The Foundations”
Laying the foundations for long term success in 7 days or less
How to establish yourself online quickly even if you are a total newbie

Week 2 – List Building – “The Email List Engine”
Crafting the perfect lead magnet
How to get a lead magnet without creating it yourself
How to give your lead magnet away without needing any tech skills

Week 3 – Traffic – “Turn On The Traffic Tap”
The big traffic myth preventing your success
3 strategies to get traffic without paying for it
How to find unlimited paid traffic you can turn on in 24 hours or less
The secret Facebook strategy most don’t know
How to use simple videos to get more traffic without getting on the videos yourself!

Week 4 – Monetization – “The Automated ATM Machine”
The fastest way to earn commissions online even if you’ve never made a single cent before
How to automate your income using 2 easy methods I’ve used for over 6 years online
The hands-free way to generate recurring commissions without creating anything yourself
How to use video to [1] give value, and [2] increase profits on demand

Week 5 – Bonus – “The Quick-Start Route to $10,000 per month”
The fastest way to $10,000 per month
The secret system used by both newbies and gurus to make massive hands-free profits

This is the Quick Start Challenge … Are you up for it?

ClickBanking, and How to Use It To Build Your List … Fast

Simply put, ClickBanking is a fast way to build your existing email list.

Click banking is like adswapping however instead of you swapping clicks at the same time you agree to send the other list owner a certain amount of clicks (lets say 200) over a period of time. Once you have sent him the total 200 clicks he turns around and sends you the 200 back. This method is generally used for newer list builders who can’t send a large amount of clicks with one email.

“Funnel Clicks” are a bit different again. Funnel clicks come from banners and links on download pages, email follow up sequences, exit type traffic page and overflow solo ad mailings. Funnel clicks can be effective as you get your offer right in front of a prospect when they are in the process of “taking some sort of action”. They are often cheaper as well.

Finding YouTube keywords

If you are going to put up YouTube videos to attract prospects and videos, do some keyword research first.

Only problem is … YouTube’s own keyword research tool has “gone to the farm”. Replaced by Google’s Adwords Display Planner.

This is actually a good thing. YouTube’s keyword interface was clunky and didn’t return particularly good data. Display Planner has more data than you would expect, some of it really useful.

Check it our below ….

Building Your Email List

Getting People to Join

One of the best ways to get people to join your list of contacts and subscribers is to give them freebies (sometimes called “Lead Magnets”. Freebies have a distinct way of converting ordinary passersby into well-paying customers. This is a time-tested method of getting more clients and subscribers quickly and cheaply. In as much as email list is concerned, a freebie or a giveaway is something that your clients can download for free. The main purpose of a freebie is to get a lot of people to view your site and get them to sign-up. Technically speaking, it is a way to get more traffic into your website, thus increasing sales and profits.

What are the Advantages of Lead Magnets?

There are many advantages to giving away gifts to your clients. Here are some of them:

It Ensures Results. – A give away is almost always sure to get new clients to subscribe or sign-up.

It Works. –  Once a visitor accepts a freebie, they will need to sign-up in order to download or get it. Most often than not, many people decide to sign-up.

It’s Efficient.–  Once the freebie is ready, all you have to do is send them to your mailing list manager and they will take care of the rest.

It doesn’t Require Much.– You don’t have to be an IT expert in order to send freebies to your clients. Since everything in an email list is automated, you should have no worries about search engine optimization, website design, and other technical stuffs.

What Lead Magnets Do I Give Away?

There are many types of freebies that you can give away to your clients and subscribers. Your freebies will have to be something digital, for the obvious reason that you are sending them through the internet and email. Having trouble determining what gifts to send? Well, you may want to look at the following. They are the most commonly sent freebies and giveaways that many businesses ahead of you usually send.

  • •Ebooks
  • Free Reports
  • Software scripts
  • Free audios or Mp3s
  • Short video clips
  • Product promotions
  • Announcements and coupons

As mentioned a while ago, these are the most common freebies that are sent through emails day after day. Should you come up with a new one, please feel free to share.

How to Set Up Your List and Freebies

After choosing which kind of gift to send, you’ll need to come up with a page in your website that allows the clients to download the freebie. Here is how you do that.

Let them Sign-up This will be the page where your visitors will have to sign-up in order to download their gifts. Here, they will have to input their email addresses which is automatically saved in your list. Also, don’t forget to tell them that they can always cancel their subscription anytime, which should get them to thinking “Well, it’s just this once…” and make them click the “download” button.

Say Thank You This serves two purposes. One is to say “thank you,” and the second is to make sure that you are sending the gifts to the right people. Your thank you page also deters people from giving you fake email addresses. After they sign-up and give you their email address, you will send an automatic response to the email address that they provided. The response will not include the gift, but instead a short sweet thank you note. Below the note is a link that leads to the download page. Thus, if they gave you a fake email address, they will not be able to click the link and download the gift.

Let them Download After you have verified that the email addresses are no fraud, then it’s time to give them the gift through your download page. Be sure to include instructions on how they can download the gift (for example, “to get your gift, right click this and save as that…” and so on and so forth.)

Also, you may want to provide links to download any software required to run your freebie. For example, if you sent an ebook in PDF format, you may want to include a link to help them download a PDF reader.

Successful Viral Campaigns

What makes a successful viral marketing campaign? Why do some marketing pieces go viral and others do not? How can you make sure your own campaigns perform well?

These are all very common questions regarding viral marketing. And there are no easy answers to any of them. It’s easy to look at successful campaigns and say, “Oh, well that campaign was successful because…” However, what made that campaign work might not necessarily work for a similar campaign.

The thing about viral marketing is that you can never fully predict how people will react to something. You can spend thousands of dollars on market research and still not have a truly accurate picture of how people will react to a live campaign in the real world.

The truth is that even multi-million dollar marketing agencies don’t always get it right. In reality, most viral campaigns never actually go viral at all. They are created for that purpose, but they don’t work.

All you can do is create a campaign that has a good chance to go viral. There are no guarantees!

So what typically makes a good viral campaign?

Humor – Many successful viral campaigns contain an element of humor, often revolving around it.

Shock Value – Many successful campaigns have some shocking or outrageous elements.

Uniqueness – For a campaign to go viral, it usually has to be something people haven’t seen before.

Value – Sometimes simply offering a truly outrageous deal such as something good for free or at a ridiculously low price is enough to get a campaign to go viral.

Sympathy – Many viral campaigns include an element of sympathy. For example, commercials for the ASPCA show cute animals that have been mistreated. People talk about these videos, because they are very emotional.

While these elements exist in most viral campaigns, they aren’t always enough to cause a campaign to generate buzz. Even when they do, they often don’t generate the level of buzz you’re hoping for.

There have been thousands of funny and unique television commercials that have come out in the last year or so, but only a handful of those are truly memorable enough to go viral.

It’s difficult to separate the successes from the failures, because at first glance they all seem to be similar. A funny commercial is a funny commercial, right? But it’s not that simple. Simply being funny is not enough to get people talking.

When you’re working on a viral campaign, one of the most important things you should realize is that there is no way to guarantee success with viral marketing. It’s just not possible. No matter what you do, you are helpless once the campaign is released. You’re at the mercy of the whims of the public.

Just understand that not every viral campaign will succeed. You should make sure to incorporate as many of the elements as you can, but in the end, the public will decide what it likes.

Don’t give up if you create a campaign that doesn’t go viral. Simply try again with a new campaign.

Viral Videos

Perhaps the easiest type of content to get to go viral is video. People just tend to react better to videos, because not everyone has the capacity to fully understand and comprehend the written word in the same way they understand video.

Videos are also very easy to share. One quick link is all someone needs to send someone to your video, and it’s easier to convince someone to watch a video than it is to convince them to download written material and read it.

Of course, creating viral videos can be tricky. Remember, you can’t guarantee something with go viral to the extent you would like it to. However, most videos have the potential to bring in traffic, even if they don’t go viral in a big way.

When creating a video, try to remember these tips:

Don’t automatically use humor. Not all markets will respond well to humor, and it could hurt more than it helps. Try to anticipate what your target customer would be interested in.

Hire actors to appear in your videos that your target market would identify with. If your target market is a male age 18-35, don’t hire older women. If your target market is older women, don’t hire a teenage boy.

Make sure you don’t offend your target market. Many viral campaigns fail because they don’t properly anticipate a negative reaction from their audience. This is especially true in humorous pieces, which can backfire easily.

Be certain to edit the audio and video carefully. Any distracting camera problems, color issues, or audio anomalies can detract from your message.

Make sure you deliver your marketing message! So many people concentrate on creating a video that will go viral that they actually forget to add their marketing to the video! Don’t forget this crucial element.

Concentrate on providing a quality video that people will enjoy, and the viral element should take care of itself.


Viral Opt-Ins

One of the best ways to use viral marketing is to build an email list. Many people concentrate on sending viral traffic to their sales pages, but it’s a better idea to send that traffic to a squeeze page in order to build your list.

Let’s say you have a product you’ve just released, and you are trying to build buzz around that product. You could send all of your traffic straight to the sales page, but what if people don’t buy right away? They might never return, and they would be lost forever.

However, if you sent that traffic to a squeeze page and offered them some sort of freebie to join your email list, you could email them several times about your product, increasing your chance to make a sale.

Additionally, you could market to that person many times over the coming years. Whenever you released a new product or wanted to promote a product as an affiliate, you would have your email list to do so.

This increases the effectiveness of your viral campaigns, because it gives you people to market to even if future campaigns don’t do as well. They become long-term customers.

When you build a squeeze page, try to offer users something related to your viral campaign. If your campaign is a funny video of a golfer missing his swing several times, you might offer a free report about how to improve your golf swing accuracy.

Build your freebie to speak to the market. Make sure it’s something they would really appreciate, and make it high-quality so they expect that your paid product will be even better.

Inside your freebie, you can put marketing for your paid product. This way, you’re marketing to people in your viral video, in your freebie, and on your mailing list, as well.

Everything you do should be about maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns. Make sure you’re marketing your product every chance you get, and that you’re building your list so you can market to them over and over instead of losing them forever.


Enhancing Your Video Response Rate

Videos are used to propel viewers into taking action. You want to invoke a positive response from your viewers, but you also want them to take action immediately after watching your broadcast.

One way of doing this is by including a direct link to your website or squeeze page at the end of the video, highlighting the benefits of visiting your website. Keep in mind that you still need to use a direct call to action, even in videos, so don’t forget to spend time crafting the most action-driven call to action possible.

If you want your video to go viral, make sure that you add a “Tell a Friend” link to the video, and that you work in ‘entertainment value’. Your video needs to really stand out in the video community and motivate viewers to send it to their friends, and share it with everyone they know.

You can do this easily by creating a video that adds comic influence, entertains the viewer, shocks the viewer or offers a unique perspective that differs from the majority of other videos in the same market.

Controversy is one of the easiest ways to drive eyeballs to your videos, but make sure that your video works directly towards building a positive brand stature. You don’t want to create videos that leave viewers entertained but finding it difficult to trust you.

Professional but Entertaining – that’s what it’s all about.

Before you distribute your videos, you want to make sure that the quality and size is optimized and that is viewable on all operating systems.

You also want to optimize the actual video features, including keywords and tags so that when your video is distributed, it’s able to grab ranking in the search engines based on your primary phrases and keywords.

Keywords also help viewers find your video, both through on-site searches and directly through the search engines, so conduct quick keyword research to determine what the most important keywords for your niche are, and include them in the tags associated with your video.

For example, when uploading a video to, you are able to assign different keywords to your video, which highlight what your video is about, and help YouTube to properly organize your video in their database.

You can take this a step further by optimizing your video’s title tags, to also include relevant keywords, while varying the keywords you use for each video.

It’s important that you are able to rank for multiple keyword phrases, so never assign the exact same keywords to all of your videos, but instead, vary it up!

You can often enhance your videos search engine optimization by using anchor text when linking to your video page, as well as within the description.

Again, anchor text should include relevant keywords that vary from the keywords used in the actual title or tags.

Creating High Quality Videos

Imagine if you were able to personally welcome people to your website, to guide them through your information and direct them to your order button. Imagine what that would do for your conversion rates.

Well, with videos – that’s exactly what you can do.

You can use videos a number of different ways, including in sales pitches, in tutorials, within your launch sequence to warm up customers and to simply develop brand awareness. The more often people see you or hear you, the faster they’ll recognize your brand on the spot.

The trouble is, many new entrepreneurs struggle with the technical aspects of creating high quality videos. They aren’t sure what programs to use, how to edit videos, how to enhance the quality, or even how to create scripts or motions that guide viewers from one frame to another, retaining their attention every step of the way.

The great news is that even if you have absolutely no experience creating videos, there are tools and resources you can use to develop high quality, interactive videos in a matter of a few short hours.

For starters, the majority of new computers come bundled with video production software already, but if you really want to ramp up the quality of your videos however, you’ll want to consider purchasing an industry grade program, such as Camtasia or CamStudio.

These programs will help to add functionality to your videos, while making it easy for you to integrate sound (audio narratives, music, etc), as well as highlight important notes, and of course, they provide you with added flexibility with editing video content.


If you’re a Mac user, check out any of the following video creation tools:

Now, here’s what I’m going to show you how to not only simplify the process of creating videos but how to AUTOMATE distribution!

There’s a secret weapon online that will give you the opportunity to

develop dozens of high quality videos in a matter of seconds, and best of all, you can use this video production suite to repurpose content, so that your videos are created from existing articles you’ve already written!

The resource is found at and with this powerful software, you can take existing content and create live, talking videos that interact with your audience unlike anything else!

This software makes it not only easier to get MORE videos out there, but it requires absolutely no training or experience, instantly eliminating the learning curve.

I’ve used this resource for over a year now and have been able to generate unlimited traffic just by letting the program create interactive videos and best of all, they’ll distribute your videos all over the Internet for you!

Keep in mind that your videos don’t have to be lengthy productions.

Even 3 minute videos can do wonders at generating fresh interest and exposure for your product, so start off by developing simple video presentations and as you become more familiar with how your viewers respond to your videos, you can begin to tailor them towards better communicating with your target audience.

Article Video Robot will help you get started, and then you can spend time learning how to create powerful video presentations yourself, as you can continue to grow your business.

If you simply aren’t ready to develop your own videos, consider outsourcing the project to a qualified video developer.

There are plenty of places to seek out some help, including marketing forums such as and , or you can place a listing requesting help via the freelance marketplaces, including and

10 Tips For Using Traffic Exchanges

Track EverythingAs with all online marketing efforts, it’s critical that you track all traffic generated by Traffic Exchanges.

Tracking can be done using a tracking service which you pay for monthly, or using tracking software which you purchase and install on your server. Whichever option you choose, be sure to look for a solution that will give you as much information as possible. Many will tell you how many clicks you get, how many are unique visitors versus return visitors and where they were referred from. Some even give you conversion information by telling you which visits resulted in sales.

Know Your AudienceIt is important to remember that everyone using Traffic Exchanges is first and foremost interested in having their own pages seen. Just like you, they all want to drive traffic to their sites. This means that you have to develop creative, eye-catching pages to entice them to take action. Simply using the same affiliate materials everyone else is will not be effective.

Make Sure Your Page Loads QuicklyYour website design and the time it takes for the website to load are very critical when using Traffic Exchanges. Your page will never be seen if your site takes 15 seconds to load and the exchange rotates the websites every 15 seconds. You want to have at least a 10-second viewing window to give the surfing exchange member time to respond to your offer.

Use Simple Splash Pages – Rather than sending surfers to your home page, which provides too much information, use a splash page. This is a page that does not require any scrolling. It’s purpose is to be short, sweet and to the point. Typically it consists of a killer headline, a clear list of benefits and a simple call to action. You want your visitor to be able to make a quick decision whether to ask for more information or pass on your offering.

Include a Persuasive Call to Action – Make sure the page has a clear “call to action”. That is, that it clearly tells the customer whay they should do next. Whether that’s join your newsletter, request your free ebook or take some other action, it should be obvious to the surfer what they are to do.

Capture Their Contact Information – Offer surfers something in exchange for their email address. This gives you permission to contact them later and introduce them to your products and services.

Learn From OthersAs you’re surfing, be sure to take note of the pages that catch your attention. Chances are that if they are enticing to you, they are enticing to others. What is it about the page that appeals to you? What made you want to take action? This is very valuable information that you can use to improve your own pages.

Make Your Offer Stand Out – If you have your own niche website, then you already differentiated yourself from the pack. If you are an affiliate marketer, then you need to find products/services that everyone else isn’t already promoting, especially within your particular Traffic Exchange.

Your individual promotion is everything. If you’re trying to promote something everyone else is your sales conversions are going to be very low, or nothing at all.

Only Choose Traffic Exchanges that Offer Manual Surfing – Most people do not even watch the window when an autosurf is running. If it is a manual surf exchange they have to physically watch the pages in order to go to the next site. This gives you the best opportunity for them to actually see your site and be drawn in by your offer.

Test. Test. Test. – If you’ve put in place a good tracking system you’ll be able to run tests to find out what effect they have on your results. Try different headlines, graphics and offers to see which ones get the best response.

The most effective way to test is using Split Run Testing. This involves creating two pages that are similar but have one thing different (for example different headlines). You show the two pages equally to your visitors and see which one converts best. There are several scripts available to help you do Split Run Testing very easily.


How Traffic Exchanges Work

Different Traffic Exchanges work in different ways. In general though they all offer a free or paid version. Depending on which option you choose you will be eligible to receive a certain number of credits when you surf other member’s sites and when you refer people who join.

Almost all of them also allow you to build a downline of members you’ve referred. Often your downline can extend several levels deep so that as people you refer in turn refer others, you continue to gain more and more credits.

Some Traffic Exchanges also pay out cash incentives when the people in your downline upgrade their membership or purchase other forms of advertising that the Traffic Exchange offers such as banner ads. This gives you several ways to benefit from participating in the Traffic Exchange.

When deciding which Traffic Exchange program to join, there are several features to consider:

Credit Ratio – All Traffic Exchanges allow you to earn credits in exchange for viewing other member’s web pages. Look for one that provides a good return on the number of credits you receive for each page you view.

Time Limits – When surfing for credits, most traffic exchanges require you to view a site for a minimum amount of time before you earn a credit. This is normally somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds. The longer you have to view a page means the slower you can surf, but it also means longer that potential customers view your pages.

Anti Cheat Mechanisms – To ensure that a real person is viewing your web site most Traffic Exchanges use anti cheating mechanisms. This usually means that instead of clicking a “Next Site” button you have to click on a specific graphic such as a number, letter, picture or coloured icon from a selection of a few, to proceed to the next site. Repeated failure to do this correctly means account suspension or termination. Look for a Traffic Exchange with a system like this to ensure that your credits are not wasted on cheaters who never view your page.

Referrals – This is the fastest way to build up your credits. Most Traffic Exchanges provide you with referral pages and banners. You can use these materials to recruit your downline. When someone signs up from your promotional web page or banner they are placed in your downline.

Paid/Pro Memberships – Most Traffic Exchanges offer paid memberships as well as free memberships. Normally a paid membership earns you privileges such as an allocation of credits per month plus an increased number of credits for your own surfing and the surfing of your downline. Most exchanges also allow you to purchase extra credits.

Bonuses – Many Traffic Exchanges will give you bonus credits for signing up, for surfing a certain number of pages, or for winning competitions or sweepstakes. Look for ones that provide added bonuses and accumulate credits even faster!